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Even though Lauren didn’t attend San Diego comic con this year, the fans were given an exciting look at the next season!



Here’s the first batch of photos to update the site. Enjoy them!

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Hello everyone! I’m AliKat and I just adopted this site recently. I’ve been working on updating the gallery but I’ve also given the site a new look. Hope you like it! I’ve added all of Lauren’s events in 2015 and some Season 5 Episode Stills but I still need to update all the screencaps. As soon as I get everything caught up, I’ll let everyone know. Please follow our new Twitter account @LaurenCohanWeb to get the most recent news!

Lauren was photographed for issue fourteen of ContentMode Magazine. Below you can check out photos from the shoot and the Q&A style interview they did with her. Lauren pulls off a gorgeous edgy look in the fantastic new photoshoot. Be sure to click through for more below to get the full interview.

My son, 16, T Fyia, is a huge fan. He asked this question: In your character’s world you are one of limited hope, where the daily question is survival. How much do you give yourself over to that experience?

The best part about the show is how important it is to stay in the moment. It’s vital for the characters and who doesn’t want more of that in life?

Has your sense or experience of the world changed for you since becoming part of this show? Does the ordinary world seem different, more desperate or dangerous, after having immersed yourself in these situations?

Not desperate, but I do find myself in quiet situations where I indulge my imagination, a waiting room with no one in it, near empty shops or supermarkets and imagine what it would feel like if no group of people, or family or happy couple ever filled it up again.

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Lauren was photographed for issue ten of Felix Magazine, and below you can check out photos from the shoot as well as their interview with her. For the shoot, Lauren featured some gorgeous long hair extensions that really added to the glamour of the photos. Be sure to click through for more below to get the full interview.

Lauren Cohan says that it’s too late for her—she’s got the bug. No, she’s not referring to a lethal, infectious zombie bite which she has been diligently dodging as Maggie Greene on the smash AMC show The Walking Dead. Rather, she’s speaking of her ‘bug’ for acting.

“I didn’t think about the downsides of pursuing acting when I first started,” says Cohan. “I just enjoyed doing it, then you start auditioning and you’re scrutinized for things beyond your control, you’re not getting the job and you think ‘I must be bonkers to do this.’ But once you realize those pitfalls, you already are invested…I got the bug, you know? And by the time you have the bug, it’s too late.”

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Lauren was recently photographed for the October/November issue of Nylon Guys Magazine, and below you can check out photos from the shoot as well as their interview with her. She looking stunning in the playful and gorgeous photos. Be sure to click through for more below to get the full interview.

Maggie Greene may or may not survive the zombie apocalypse, but the walking dead’s Lauren Cohan will be doing just fine either way.

“I don’t worry about death,” says Lauren Cohan, over a cup of black coffee outside the Hollywood Corner café in Los Angeles. “It’s definitely going to happen.” What might sound like dime-store philosophy is, in fact, hard-won equanimity from the actress, best known for her role as scrappy-yet-ever-imperiled Maggie on AMC’s The Walking Dead, a show that has made regular sport of killing off its most popular characters.

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Hey everybody! I’ve been MIA a little since “The Walking Dead” ended its fourth season run, which I apologize for. However, Lauren did make an appearance on NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night” last night! I uploaded 901 HD screen captures of Lauren from the episode, which you can check out in our photo gallery. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back for more updates!

Hey everybody! I just updated the photo gallery with 42 HD screen captures of Lauren from last nights season four finale of “The Walking Dead.” What did you guys think of the finale? Lauren didn’t have a big part in the finale at all, but it was still great to see her and to see how everything has unfolded. Leave a comment to share your thoughts. Enjoy!

Lauren Cohan stopped by “The Pete Holmes Show” this past Thursday (March 27). In the first video, Lauren and Pete try British, Russian and the most elusive – the New Jersey accent. In the second, they talk about religion. I want to apologize for the lateness of these videos. I’ve been kind of swamped with offline stuff, but hey, I’m updating now, right?! Haha Anyways, I hope you enjoy the interview and look out for HD screen captures soon.

Spending your days killing zombies apparently takes its toll.

Actress Lauren Cohan said being on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for three seasons has had an effect on her.

“My temperament has changed since I’ve been on the show because of being immersed in this dark material all the time,” Cohan said in a recent interview.

Cohan plays Maggie Greene on the post-apocalyptic zombie drama. So far this season Maggie has seen her father beheaded, was separated from her husband and doesn’t know whether her sister Beth is alive, dead or undead.

Cohan said that while she loves the show, it’s sometimes difficult to separate herself from her character and that she’s become more “subdued.”

“You come out of doing the show when you’re like, `OK, remember how to relax and remember picking up hobbies or whatever,’ but remembering how to have frivolity as well has been difficult,” the 32-year-old actress said.

Cohan said that in some ways, she feels that she’s changed for the better because she doesn’t have as many highs and lows as she used to, but adds that she now has a “serious feeling in my heart” that she sometimes wishes wasn’t there.

Maggie and her husband were reunited in the show’s penultimate episode. Now the couple and a host of other characters are headed for Terminus, which promises “sanctuary for all. Those who arrive survive.”

Is that a good thing? Cohan isn’t giving away any spoilers for the season finale, which airs Sunday (9 p.m. EDT).

“It sounds too good to be true,” Cohan said, adding that like everything else on the show, “It probably is.”

Source – WPTV

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About Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan is an American-born English actress, best known for her role as Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead, and her recurring roles on The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Chuck. Cohan graduated from the University of Winchester, where she studied Drama and English Literature, before touring with a theater company she co-founded at the university. Cohan then split her time and work between London and Los Angeles, California. She has dual citizenship between the United States and Britain.

In 2011, Cohan was cast as Maggie Greene in the second season of The Walking Dead, an AMC horror drama series based on the comic book series of the same name. At first the character was recurring but became starring at the start of the third season. The drama is the highest rated in cable television history and Maggie Greene has become a fan favorite.